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The business idea of the company is Technology, Quality and Integrity. In order to the innovation of the product and catering the growing demands of the customer, it makes cooperation with several universities and institutions in China, for example, The Sichuan University, The Shanxi Technology University and The CAS, Chengdu institute etc.
Alternately, it also has the provincial high-tech institution of research and development to complete several national and provincial projects.

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The company is certificated with ISO9001:2008,ISO14001:2004 & ISO10012:2003 and implements 5S on site management to guarantee the stability of the products' quality.
Recently, it has already completed the project of producing leather tanning agent 12,500ton/yr and auxiliary agent 4,000ton/yr.
The project has introduced the advanced production equipment and the quality control method. The critical manufacturing processes are all computer aided control.
The success of this project improves the stability of products' quality and gains the significant market benefits.

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It has a very good senior engineer and well experienced experts team which can offer excellent services for helping the tanners to take out best quality leathers at least possible cost.

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